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Dry and Wet Automatic Pig Hopper Feeder
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Dry and Wet Automatic Pig Hopper Feeder

1.Advantages of Pig Hopper Feeder:
(1).One Set 002 series Feeder, Could be breeding 40 Sow with weightness of 100Kg.
(2). Stainless Steel Bottom, Easy to Dispatch and Clean.
(3). Special Laying Off Feed Method, No waste of feed.
(4).Various Types of Feeder, Including Dry and Wet Feeder for Cow and Piglets; Dry Feeder for Cow and Piglets;
(5).Durable Service Life.
(6). Our most advantages is offering whole automatic Feeding system.
(7). High Productivity for Prompt delivery.

2. Specifications of Automatic Pig Hopper Feeder:
Specifications of 002 Series Feeder
 Types  Applications Dimension(cm) Volume Feeding Types
 LY-002A(Feeder)  Sow 63*40*120cm 40Kg Dry and Wet/Dry
 LY-002B(Feeder)  Piglets 63*40*117cm 40Kg Dry and Wet/Dry
 LY-DZ002(Feeder)  Sow 83*40*120cm 40Kg Dry and Wet/Dry
 LY-002B (Drinking)  Piglets/Sow 63*40*110cm 50L Drinking Water

We also supply Stainless Steel Tank Feeder with different size and shape. Supply according to your demand.
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