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It Will be saving food by Using Automatic Dry Wet Pig Feeders
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It Will be saving food by Using Automatic Dry Wet Pig Feeders

Using Automatic Dry Wet Pig Feeder for your Piggery Farm, it will help you to save your money, lower the labour cost, and it also could saving the food, avoid of waste.
Let's see how to saving your money with Automatic Dry Wet Pig Feeders.

(1). Firstly, Using Automatic Dry Wet Pig Feeder with stainless feeding Tank, and water feeding tank which is easy to clean, reduced the incidence of disease.

(2).Secondly, from the design of automatic pig dry wet feeder, exactly according to the pigs eating habits.
Easy get to fed,and do not harm pig skin, No dead Angle, no residue of pig food, avoid of wasting.

If using normal feeding tank, it will waste pigs food at least 1-2kgs per month.

(3).Thirdly, Saving labour cost by using automatic dry wet pig feeder,putting food one time, it could be eating several days.(according tothe quantity of pigs for eating with one set pig feeder)

(4).Fourthly,Continuous feeding for pigs, they can eat anytime when they needed, it help to increase the pigs weight, make sure every pcs of pig could have enough food to eat, avoid of fighting because of
lacks of enough food to eat.

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