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Automatic Hydraulic Dairy Feed Baler Machine for Sale
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Automatic Hydraulic Dairy Feed Baler Machine for Sale

1. Specifications:
Model: LY-5T
Bale Size 28*38*70cm (Customized Accepted)
Discharging Port Size 0.38*0.23meter
Feeding Port Size 0.6*0.55meter
Bale Weight 50-60Kg/Bag
Production Capacity 120Bags/Hour
Production of Green Feed 7Tons/Hour
Motor Power/Diesel Engine 15Kw; 22HP
Machine Size: 4*2.75*2.75 Meters
Machine Weight 2.5Tons
Oil Cylinder 2Pcs 160Model
Feeding Hopper Height 1.2 Meters

2. Descriptions:
(1).Making Crushed Silage Feed into high density bale, which is easy for long time storage, protect silage feed from second pollution.
(2).Main Parts of Feed baler machine are: diesel engine, hydraulic system, feed storage hopper, electrical system, etc.
(3).Saving Occupying space, after filling into plastic bags, it will be affect natural fermentation, affect beneficial bacterium which is good for cattle/cow/goat feeding, easy to digest.
(4). Saving Cost for delivery, Reduce labor cost.
3. Applications:
(1).Suitable for kinds of Dairy Farm, used for cattle farm, cow farm, goat farm etc.
(2).Used for both dry hay Feed and green feed.
(3).For long time storage or for second time fermentation, all good selection of feed baler machine.

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