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How to Choose Round Straw Baler Crushing Equipment for Your Dairy Farm
1. Applications of Straw Baler Crushing Equipment:
(1). Crushing Kinds of Dry Grass, Dry Stalks, Dry Straw, Kinds of Agriculture Balers into Sawdust.
(2). mainly used for Animal Farm Feeding, like Cow, Cattle, Sheep, etc.
(3). Also Used for Fungi fermentation.
(4). Driving Engine: Electric Motor Power, Diesel Engine or Tractor Driving.

2. Descriptions of Straw Baler Crushing Equipment:
(1). Big Working Capacity, Saving Labor Cost.
(2). Mobile Type, Crushing Kinds of Agriculture Waste like corn stalks, dry grass, rice straw directly in the agriculture land.
(3). Durable Quality, Easy Control, Easy Maintenance.
(4). Multi Driving Power working together with Diesel Engine, Tractor or Electric Motor Power.

Model 9FL-200 9FL-240 9FL-260
Dimension 2.7*2.05*2.13m 3.2*3.5*2.2m 3.4*2.6*2.6m
Motor Power 22KW 37KW 75kw
Capacity 2-3t/h 5-8t/h 8-15t/h
Final Size 3-6cm 3-6cm 3-6cm
Bear Type FC212 F314 F314
V Belt B-1450   4Pcs C-1956  5Pcs C-2150  5Pcs
Tires 215/70R14-96T 10.0/75-10.3 10.0/75-10.3
Cutter 65#Manganese
Steel Thickness 6mm 6mm 6mm

3. Related to Dairy Farm Feed Processing Equipment:
(1). Forage Chaff Cutter used for Green/Dry Agricultural Stalks, Rice Straw, Dry Hay, Grass into animal forage feed.
(2). Working Capacity from 1Tons/Hour to 5Tons, 8Tons, 10Tons, 15Tons, 20Tons, etc.
(3). Driving Engine: Diesel Engine, PTO, Electric Motor Power.