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Animal Cow Cattle Ensilage Forage Feed Chaff Cutter for Sale
Animal Cow Cattle Ensilage Forage Feed Chaff Cutter for Sale

1. Descriptions of Forage Feed Chaff Cutter:
(1).Forage Feed Chaff Cutter Used for Cutting Kinds of Biomass Waste, Agricultural Corn Stalks, Rice Straw, Wheat Straw, Grass, etc. into Small Pieces for Feeding Dairy Farm Different Animals, As a Kind of Forage Feed.
(2). Forage Feed Chaff Cutter, for cutting Dry Hay, Green Straw, Fresh Stalks, etc.
(3). Wide Applications: Used for Dairy Farm Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Goat

2. Advantages of Forage Feed Chaff Cutter:
(1). Driving Engine for Forage Feed Chaff Cutter: Diesel Engine, Electric Motor, Tractor Driving(PTO).
(2). Working Capacity Range: from 500Kg Per Hour to 1Ton, 2Tons, 3Tons, 5Tons, 8Tons, 10Tons, 12Tons, 15Tons, etc.
(3). with Durable Quality Warranty. Making Biomass Waste into Animal Silage Feed, Turning Biomass Waste into Money.
(4). Machine in Stocks for Prompt Response.
(5). We can Export Directly from China to Overseas.

3. Related Equipment of Animal Pellet Feed Making Equipment:
Making Kinds of Grains or biomass waste into pellet feed, used for feeding Dairy Farm Cow, cattle, goat, sheep. or Poultry farm chicken, duck, pig, etc.
with working capacity from 100kg per hour to 1000kg per hour, or bigger working capacity.