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Poultry Farm Chicken Pellet Feed Making Equipment from China Supplier
Poultry Farm Chicken Pellet Feed Making Equipment from China Supplier

1. Specifications of Pellet Feed Making Equipment:
Model Working Capacity Motor Power Pellet Feed Size
9KL-120 80-120Kg/Hour 3Kw 3-6mm
9KL-200 300-400Kg/Hour 11Kw 3-8mm
9KL-260 800-1000Kg/Hour 15Kw 3-8mm
9KL-300 1200-1600Kg/Hour 22Kw 3-8mm
9KL-400 1800-2500Kg/Hour 45Kw 3-10mm

2. Description of Pellet Feed Making Equipment:

(1).)Our feed pellet machine can produce animal feedstuff pellet for animal/poultry like chicken, pig, cattle, sheep for They are widely used in feed factories, breed aquatics factories, organic fertilizer factories
(2).Raw material: rice husk, straw, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds, crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially low-bonding and unformed materials. 
(3).)Moisture of raw materials is less than the national standard of 13%. If not, the raw material must be dried. The size of raw materials should be no more than 5mm, if not; the raw material must be crushed.

3. Advantages of Pellet Feed Making Equipment:

Feeding the Prepared Material Powder Feed into Feeding Port of Pellet Feed Making Machine, into pressing area of the working room, that is wedge-shaped space pressing rollers and the pellet mold, because the minimum clearance between the pressing roller and the pellet mold is 0.1-0.3mm, because the rotation of the granule drives the pressure roller to rotate, the material is squeezed by the pressure roller into the die hole of the granule, and after a length of saturation of the die hole to form particles, it is extruded out of the die and cut by an adjustable cutter the granules with appropriate length are thrown out by the material throwing plate.
Since the temperature of the pellets just left the mold is 60-80 degree, in order for long time storage and transportation of the pellet, we need to cool the pellets into room temperature.