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How to Choose Dairy Farm Silage Feed Processing Machinery Equipment
How to Choose Dairy Farm Silage Feed Processing Machinery Equipment

So many farmer around the word need a silage feed cutter for they farm, It will saving lots of time for a higher efficiency.

But how to make a good choice of silage feed cutter,that is a problems for most of them.

Today, We will make a brief introductions about how to select silage feed cutter, which is exactly meet with you demand.
Before next steps, we have to know one dairy cow rquires 6kgs of dry grass a day, so then you will understand how many quantity of dry feed will be needed for your farm, according to quantity of cows in your farm.
Do you want a better return from labor, do you want to make more money. spend less cost for paying labours.
If yes, then you need keep reading the article with us.

Firstly, You need understand the difference between 9Z Silage Feed Cutter and 9RSZ Silage Crusher.

9Z Series Silage Feed Cutter, used for cutting corn stalks, rice straw, grass, etc, kinds of agriculture waste into silage feed, the final shape of the feed after cutting, likes chops. normally used for cow, cattle farm.

9RSZ series silage crusher, crushing agriculture waste into silage, into length strips of the final forage, normally used for cow, cattle, and goat farm.

from the pictures above you will find out the main difference between them, it is mainly the shape of forage is differently.

Secondly, You need to know how many capacity can be suitable for your dairy farm demand from silage cutter, then the machinery capacity will help you get exactly what you want, if it is too much bigger capacity waste your silage, and occupying large space, if too much small capacity, can not meet with your demand, and also your farm will be keep increasing of the quantity about cow, cattle or goat.
Because of the supplier of silage feed cutter, with various capacity, If your demand is not clear enough, difficult to get a good solutions with correct models and saving your money.

Chaff Cutter with Kneading Functions, Multifunction, Cutting Crushing Silage Forage Feed for Both Cow, Cattle and Sheep Dairy Farm.

Thirdly, What kind of raw materials can be used for cutting or crushing as silage feed?
All kinds of silage feed, just mension the feeding port size, If your raw materials is big, or is complicated entangled with together, then you will be demand for bigger size feeding port, normally the feeding port size from 200mm to 1000mm. 

Finally, If you need detail solutions according to your demand, please email us with your specific requirement. Prompt response you will be get with price and solutions.