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Silage Feed Cutter Supplier from China
 Silage Feed Cutter Supplier from China
As we all know that Silage Feed used for Dairy Farm, It can be kinds of agriculture waste, like Rice straw, corn stalks, wheat straw, peanut waste, sorghum waste, dry hay, grass, etc.
Because of difficult to delivery and storage with original corn stalks, straw, or grass. That is why Dairy Farm need a Silage Feed Cutter to cutting agriculture silage feed into small pieces of silage feed, which is could feeding directly to Cow, Cattle or Goat, Sheep, etc.

There are advantages of Silage Feed with Silage Feed Cutter:
(1).Occupying Small space after cutting into small pieces of silage feed.
(2).Easy to Digest after cutting for animal.
(3).Good taste
(4).Saving Labour Cost, etc.

Related to Sialge Feed Processing Equipment: Silage Feed Baler Machine.
Functions: Bailing cutted Silage Feed into Baler with plastic film, with round shape or square shape. Avoid of second-time pollution of silage feed, with long time storage after bailing, it could storage with around 3 years even outdoor storage the finished silage baler.

If you have any interesting about silage feed cutter and silage feed baler machine, Please contact with the professional supplier from China, Offering whole Silage Feed Processing Equipments used for dairy farm.