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Home Use Grains Grinding Mill with Diesel Engine Hot Sale in South Africa
1. Specifications of Grains Grinding Mill:
Model Capacity Power Rotation Speed Sieve Size
LY-9F-230 150-200Kg/H 3Kw- 2 Pole 6800R/M 30 mesh
LY-9F-320 450-1000Kg/H 7.5Kw-4Pole 4600R/M 50Mesh
LY-9F-320B 450-1000Kg/H 11Kw-4Pole 4600R/M 50Mesh
LY-9F-360 500-2000Kg/H 11Kw-4Pole 4200R/M 80Mesh
LY-9F-360B 500-2000Kg/H 15Kw-4Pole 4200R/M 80Mesh
LY-9F-500 1800-2800Kg/H 22Kw-4Pole 3300R/M 150Mesh
LY-9F-500B 1800-2800Kg/H 22Kw-4Pole 3300R/M 150Mesh
Sieve Size Customized Accepted

2. Introductions of Grains Grinding Mill:
Grains Grinding Mill with Diesel Engine, Small Sized Model for Home Use Hot Sale in South Africa.
Top Quality Grains Grinding Mill with Gear Type for Fine Grinding With Various Models for your requirement. (Even no need after sale service,Because of Durable Quality).
Wide Applications of Grins Grinding Mill, It suitable for grinding kinds of grains, like corn, maize, Soybean, sorghum, wheat,etc.
Grinding Mill also used for grinding kinds of herbals, rice husk, peanut shell, corncob, etc.
Small sized grinding mill especially good choise for home use or small farm use with multifunctions and durable quality.
Diesen Engine types Grinding Mill, best choise in Sough Africa. 

3. Descriptions of Grinding Mill:
T Toothed Disc Crusher Machine, We call it for Universal Crusher, It not only crushing kinds of grains like Corn, sorghum, wheat, bean-cake, and kinds of rice husk, etc.
It is also suitable for crushing kinds of chemical raw materials, crushing waste paper, herbal medicine, gypsum, waste fish bone, calcium metal, etc.
Model of LY-9F-320B and LY-9F-360B with cyclone,self-absorption feeder, and Fan.
Sieve range from 0.3mm to 2mm, Customized Sieve Size Accepted.

4. Applications and Features of Grinding Mill:
(1).Wide used for crushing kinds of grains, including corn, wheat, sorghum, bean-cake, rice husk, etc. Suitable for Processing poultry farm feeds.
(2).Crushing grains into powder, just need one time crushing, without any residue.
(3).Suitable for crushing kinds of chemical raw materials and paper waste. For example: Herbal medicine, gypsum, waste paper, fish bone, calcium metal, etc.
(4).Equipment with Features of Compact structure, sturdy and durable, Easy to install, easy to control, little vibration, etc.

If you have any detail demand, please email us for it.