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Important Informations for Poultry Cattle Breeding Farm
Important Informations for Poultry Cattle Breeding Farm

In the market, there are breeding of cattle or cow farm.
Today, we basically talk about cattle breeding farm.

(1). Feeding on time with fixed fodder quantity.
Normally, Summer need one day three times feeding, one cattle will eat 1.3-1.7Kg fodder, 0.3-0.5kg compound feed, after feeding, need 7.5-10kg salted water.(0.5-0.65% salt solution); Winder and Spring, need one day two times feeding, in the morning and night. one time feed 3.5-4kg green grass or dry hay, with 1.5-2kg compound feed.
Compound feed including: Wheat bran, corn flour, cotton seed hull, cotton seed cake, soybean cake, salt, etc.
In the Summer and Fall, mainly feed green grass, to increase the cattle's appetite and vitamin supply.

(2). Cleanliness.
Feeding Tank should be clean, fodder should be clean.
Water should be clean, environment should be clean, cattle body should be clean.

(3). Walking around time
After feeding, let cattle walking around 5-10 minutes, to help digestion.

(4). Farm Temperature.
Can not too hot and too cold. Keep Farm being a well-ventilated place.

(5). Should be Disinfected Regularly.

Main Fodder for cattle, It could be kinds of agriculture waste, silage, and Dry Hay. Just need One Set Feed Mixing Cutting Machine, to cutting and mixing kinds of feed together, Feeding rice straw, you will get final fodder with size from 5cm to 10cm. (If you need the equipment, please feel free contact with us).