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How to Select Poultry Pig Farm Equipment
How to Select Poultry Pig Farm Equipment?

With highly demand of Pork in the market, so there is business chance for raising poultry pig in the farm.
If you are interested in raising pig in the farm, then you must have problems about select poultry pig equipments?
How to find out qualified poultry pig farm equipments?
First, You have to know how many pigs do you plan to raise.
And your farm locations should be tell to us. Then we can help to offer solutions.

Second, Let me introduction main equipment of Pig Crates in the farm will be needed, How to select pig crates?
In the market, they are two ways to produce galvanized pig crates, from the surface you can not find out the difference, but from the method to produce you will find it out.
(1). Making Galvanized tube into pig crates directly.Connection points will lost galvanization.
the most easy way, and lower cost way.
(2). Hot Dip Galvanized~firstly, pig crates made of cast iron, then when finished production, move into another workshop for galvanization. HDG means every piece of the pig crates are galvanized, no connection points lost.

Two different ways, makes two different price, of course two different quality.

First method with warranty around 3-5years.
Second method with warranty could be 15 years.

So, Whice one you are interested in? Before buying, please ask if it is Hot Dip Galvanized, or made of galvanized tube directly.

Any doubt, please feel free contact with us.