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How to Choose Poultry Equipment for Raising Chicken

How to Choose Poultry Equipment for Raising Chicken?

If you are committed to raising chicks naturally, then best to choose a place with plants and plenty space for chicken to run around. But in the living world, it is difficult to fulfill such hope. So today let me introduce two main ways to raising chicken in the farm.

Firstly, it is poultry chicken farm with cage-free type.
Means there is no any layer cage, chicken can run around in a limited farm space, the feed and water will be delivery into feeding pan and drinking pan automatically.
mostly, this is a way to raise chicken for making food when chicks grown into adult chicken. raising method like pictures as follows:

Secondly, we called chicken insde layer cage.
one unit cage with one chicken, the layer caged equipped with automatic feeding system, drinking system, dung cleaning system, and egg collection system.
This is the way we used for raising chicken to lay off eggs.
people select eggs everyday.

The mainly two commercial method to raising chicken, all belong to business demand, with highly demand from market.

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