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Best Durable Quality Floating Pellet Fish Feed Extruder from China Factory
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Best Durable Quality Floating Pellet Fish Feed Extruder from China Factory

1. Specifications of Floating Pellet Fish Feed Extruder:
Model Capacity Main
Motor Power
Motor Power
Screw Diameter Cutter
Motor Power
Machine Size
Machine Weight
Single Phase
30-40Kg/H 4.0Kw 0.4 Kw Φ40mm 0.4Kw 1400*1030*1200 220Kg
Three Phase
30-40Kg/H 5.5 Kw 0.4 Kw Φ40mm 0.4 Kw 1400*1030*1200 240Kg
DGP50-C 60-80Kg/H 11 Kw 0.4 Kw Φ50mm 0.4 Kw 1470*1100*1250 320Kg
DGP60-C 100-150Kg/H 15 Kw 0.4 Kw φ60mm 0.4 Kw 1470*1120*1250 350Kg
DGP70-B 180-200Kg/H 18.5 Kw 0.4 Kw φ70mm 0.4 Kw 1650*1400*1300 580Kg
DGP80-B 200-300Kg/H 22 Kw 0.6 Kw φ80mm 0.6 Kw 1800*1450*1300 695Kg
DGP90-B 300-400Kg/H 37 Kw 0.6 Kw φ90mm 0.8 Kw 2100*1450*1350 950Kg
DGP120-B 500-600Kg/H 55 Kw 1.1 Kw φ120mm 1.5 Kw 2400*1950*1600 1700Kg
DGP135-B 700-800Kg/H 75 Kw 1.1 Kw φ133mm 2.2 Kw 2550*2050*1650 1900Kg
DGP160-B 1-2T/H 90 Kw 1.5 Kw φ155mm 3.0 Kw 3100*2650*1800 3200Kg
DGP200-B 1.8-2T/H 132 Kw 2.2 Kw φ195mm 3.0-4.0 Kw 3100*2850*1900 3800Kg

2. Descriptions of Floating Pellet Fish Feed Extruder:
(1). Raw materials can be: Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Grain, Bone powder, etc. 
(2). Raw materials Powder Size: 60-80Mesh. 
(3). Raw materials moisture content: 20-30%. 
(4). Diameter of Final Pellets: 0.9mm-12mm (Optional). 
(5). Length of the pellets can be adjustable by control the cutting knife

3. Contents of Different Raw Materials for Making Floating Fish Feed Extruder:
(1).Rice Dust: contain about 10-14% of protein and also contain vitamin B1, B2, B6 and small quantity of enzyme.
(2).Mustard Cake: Mix maximum 40% of cake in the fish feed. But don't use dry cake more than 20%. Mustard cake contains 30-32% protein. It also contains a high rate of fat.
(3).Wheat Chaff: contain fiber, control many types of fish diseases. 
(4).Maize: contain protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin A and E.
(5).Cotton Seeds: contain about 54% protein. It is a better ingredients for supplementary fish feed.
(6).Fish Powder: easily digestible to fish. Fishmeal contain about 55-60% protein.
(7).Bone Powder: very necessary for building fish-bone. The ratio of calcium and magnesium in bone dust is 2 : 1.
(8).Innards: very suitable and ideal feed for catfish. It contains 52% protein.

4. Advantages of Our Floating Pellet Fish Feed Extruder:
(1).Final Feed Size from 0.9mm to 12mm, suitable for making fish feed, cat feed, dog feed, etc.
(2).Final Feed Shape: Various final feed shape, It could be Wafer Shape, Round Shape, Bone Shape, Heart Shape, etc.
(3).Applications: Suitable for making feed for dog, cat, bird, fish, etc.
(4).Length of final feed, Adjustable.
(5).Electric Heating Device, Improve the expansion rate of final feed.
(6).Final feed with floating time period 12 hours.
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