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Dairy Farm Silage Feed Processing Equipment from China Factory
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Dairy Farm Silage Feed Processing Equipment of Hydraulic Baler from China Factory

1. Descriptions of Hydraulic Baler:
(1). Bailing Kinds of Animal Ensilage Feed into Square Balers with High-Density, For a better Second-Time Fermentation.
(2). Easy to Delivery, and Storage for long time, Avoid of second time pollutions, etc.
(3). Driving Engine: Electric Motor Power, Diesel Engine, Or both of them, Dual System, Motor Power and Diesel Engine. 

2. Related Dairy Farm Feed Processing Equipment---Chaff Cutter
(1). Cutting Corn Stalks/Rice Straw/Wheat Straw/Grass/Dry Hay, etc. into small pieces for feeding animals. like cow, cattle, goat, sheep, etc.
(2). Capacity Range: from 500kg per hour to 20Tons per hour, meet with different applications.
(3). Driving Engine: Diesel Engine, Gasoline Engine, Motor Power, PTO

3. Related Dairy Farm Feed Processing Equipment--Pellet Feed Making Machine
(1). Making Pellets Feed for Dairy Farm, or Poultry Farm.
(2). Different Die Size, for Feeding Different Animals, like chicken, cow, cattle, goat, pig, etc.
(3). Driving Engine: Diesel Engine, Motor Power, PTO

4. Related Dairy Farm Feed Processing Equipment--Straw Baler Crusher:
(1). Crushing Straw/Salks/Grass/Dry Hay Balers Directly
(2). Driving Engine: Motor Power, Diesel Engine, PTO

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