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Poultry Livestock Farm Pig Fresh Food Crusher from China Factory Supplier
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Poultry Livestock Farm Pig Fresh Food Crusher from China Factory Supplier

1. Descriptions of Feed Pulping Machine:
Ensilage Feed Pulping Machine is a kind of new machine, used for crushing agriculture waste, green grass, green agriculture corn stalks, green agriculture straw, etc. into Paste Used for Feeding Poultry, like pig, goose, duck, etc.
Ensilage Feed Pulping Machine made of high speed hammers, one time crushing green waste, agriculture waste into paste feed directly.
With Feature of easy to maintenance, simple structure and occupying small place, which is a wonderful equipment for making pulping feed for poultry farm.
Applications: Used for Crushing Potato waste, carrot waste, green silage, green corn stalks, green grass, etc.

2. Specifications of Feed Pulping Machine:
Model Capacity Motor Power Machine Dimension
LY-ST-40 800-1000Kg/H 3Kw 0.8*1*0.9Meters
LY-ST-50 1500-2000Kg/H 7.5Kw 1.3*1.5*1.2Meters
LY-ST-60 4500-5000Kg/H 15Kw 1.4*1.4*1.3Meters
LY-ST-80 6000-8000Kg/H 22Kw 1.8*1.9*2Meters

3. Installation of Feed Pulping Machine:

(1).The machine should be installed on a flat or hardening of cement place.
(2). According to the regulation, it is required to be equipped with the motor.
(3).Before installing the belt, check whether the rotation direction of index power is consistent with the cutting direction of the pulping machine, and then adjust the installation belt after confirmation, and make the belt elastic and appropriate.
(4).Check and adjust the clearance of the slotted blade before it is started, adjust the clearance adjustment to be less than 0.8mm, and then lock the bolt.
(5).After the adjustment of all parts is normal, after confirmation, turn on the power supply test and check whether there is any looseness in the fastener joints of various parts and the abnormal sound of each rotating part.
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