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How to choose a Good Silage Feed Baler Machine for Dairy Farm
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How to choose a Good Silage Feed Baler Machine for Dairy Farm

One Set fully automatic silage feed baler machine for dairy farm which is very useful with high efficiency and improve the quality of silage feed, avoid waste and second-time pollution.

Then, how to choose a good silage feed baler machine is the top question with answers as follows:
(1).Capacity demand: Normally the production capacity are: 45-65 balers per hour, each of the baler with weights of 35-85kg.
(2).Your Budget: this is the most cheapest silage baler machine with price range: from USD3000 to USD6000 per whole set, including electric motor power or diesel engine, automatic baler machine also including the air compressor.
(3).How long it can storage of the silage balers: in an open air, the baler with long time storage time around 2-3 years.
(4).Saving your workshop space, saving your labor cost. nomatter what kind of the weather will be, you got enough silage feed for your dairy farm. just need a knife open the silage baler, silage feed for your farm is ready.
(5).It is movable set, except bailing silage feed for your own dairy farm, it also can be bailing silage for other dairy farm which is earn good profits for you.
(6).Clean Environment you will get with our silage feed baler machine, nomore spread silage feed around your farm, just see very clean silage balers piled together.

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