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Cheap Price of Cow Silage Feed Chopper from China Factory
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Cheap Price of Cow Silage Feed Chopper from China Factory

Cow Silage Feed Chopper used for cutting kinds of grass, agriculture straw, corn stalks, biomass waste into small chops for feeding your dairy farm. 

We all know that, agriculture waste are the main sources as the silage feed, the most problem is with seasons limited, only at the harvest time is the best time for collection the silage. 
It is not easy to storge agriculture silage feed, because of the irregulator shape and various straw and stalks, occupying large space for storage them, and cost highly at labor costs.
firstly, you collect agriculture waste into your warehouse, need manhand to do it.
Secondly, you need manhand to remove them out, then cutting, then feeding your dairy farm.

Except labor costs highly, it will caused second-time pollution and second-time waste of silage feed. 

Best solutions is that storage silage chops with small piece with plastic bags outside, nomatter putting them inside your warehouse or open place, it could storage at least 2-3 years without waste and second-time pollution.

How to do it? How to storage your silage feed in a safety way? Let's discuss about it:
(1).Cutting corn stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, peanut straw, etc. into small chops.
(2).Using our silage feed baler machine, bailing small piece silage feed into round baler shape or square baler shape, then transfer the finished baler silage into your farm, pile them together at an open space. 
(3). when you need to feed your animal, just take one baler and open them, then clean silage feed being there is ready.

What is the cost of Silage Feed Chopper and Silage Feed Baler Machine?
(1).Various Capacity with different price budget, from 500kg per hour to 15tons per hour capacity.
(2).Price of silage feed baler machine, from USD3000 per set to USD7000 per set. You can use the baler machine bailing silage feed for your own farm, or remove the equipment to anothers farm, used for bailing silage feed for other people for making profits by using your silage feed baler machine.
(3).Durable quality, mobile type, easy to control.

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