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Tractor Driving Grass Forage Silage Feed Chaff Cutting Machine for Cow Cattle Farm
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FarmTractor Driving Grass Forage Silage Feed Chaff Cutting Machine for Cow Cattle

Mostly, Agriculture Straw or Stalks Waste are the main silage feed for cow farm,cattle farm, goat farm, horse farm, etc.
But delivery agriculture straw or stalks, or grass cost highly on labor cost, andcost so much time for delivery.
So there is the best way, buy a movable tractor driving silage feed chaff cutting machine, moving silage cutting machine into field farm, for cutting agriculture waste, grass into silage feed directly.

So many advantages by doing silage cutting in the farm place.
(1).Saving labor cost, saving time.
(2).Avoid of silage waste, and second time pollution.
(3).Keeping silage in good condition with best contents without damage.
(4).No need to prepare a work-yard for cutting silage, saving your money for establish a work site.
(5).Silage feec cutting machine working together with silage feed baler machine at the same time, for silage feed long time storage. one time working, long time keeps your farm have enough silage for feeding.
(More Details, Please check the Video Showing How It does Working)
(6).Connect silage feed cutting machine with silage feed baler machine, makes the discharging port of silage feed cutting machine into the feeding port of silage feed baler machine----feeding agriculture waste in, get silage feed baler, delivery into a place close to your farm, keeps for feeding.

(7). Sales silage feed baler, except meeting with your own farm demand, the balance of baler silage feed, you can sale to others for making good profits.

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