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Buy Small Size Grain Corn Maize Poultry Feed Hammer Crusher for Farm Use
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Running a poultry farm, no matter it is a chicken farm, duck farm, or cow farm, cattle farm, goat farm, It have to be buy one set of Corn/Grain/Maize Feed Hammer Crusher for making powder feed. 
As we all know that, farms are much differently according to the size and quantity of raised poultries, so the capacity of hammer crusher could be with various demand. 
Today, We will make a brief introduction of poultry feed hammer crusher with various size, meet with your different requirement. 
(1).Poultry Feed Hammer Crusher 
Mode Power (kw) Capacity
(straw grinding)
Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
9FQ320 5.5 kw 300 -350 260 900 x 500 x 800
9FQ420 7.5 kw 400 -500 350 1100 x 550 x 850
9FQ500-28 15 kw 600 -800 450 1250 x 650 x 1000
9FQ500-40 22 kw 900 -1000 750 1400 x 780 x 1250
9FQ500-50 30 kw 1000- 1500 900 1600 x 850 x 1350
9FQ500-60 37 kw 1500- 2000 1300 1750 x 900 x 1550

The 9FQ series hammer crusher are able to crush both forestry and agricultural material, like kinds of grains, corn, maize, wheat, soybean, wheat, sorghum, etc. and brittle and fibrous material, such as bamboo, stalk, grass and shrub. A screen with cutting edges is used to control the particle size. If the size is larger than screen, the bigger particles will be sent back to be grinded again until they can get though the screen. Normally the final feed size are: 3-5mm.
Hammer crusher used for materials bigger than 50 mm (diameter), smaller than 300 mm (length), such as tree trimmings, wood pieces, crop stalks, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins and so on. This hammer mill contains some rotors which are mounted by many hammers.
(2).Poultry Feed Tooth Gear Crusher
Model Capacity Power Rotation Speed Sieve Size
LY-9F-230 150-200Kg/H 3Kw- 2 Pole 6800R/M 30 mesh
LY-9F-320 450-1000Kg/H 7.5Kw-4Pole 4600R/M 50Mesh
LY-9F-320B 450-1000Kg/H 11Kw-4Pole 4600R/M 50Mesh
LY-9F-360 500-2000Kg/H 11Kw-4Pole 4200R/M 80Mesh
LY-9F-360B 500-2000Kg/H 15Kw-4Pole 4200R/M 80Mesh
LY-9F-500 1800-2800Kg/H 22Kw-4Pole 3300R/M 150Mesh
LY-9F-500B 1800-2800Kg/H 22Kw-4Pole 3300R/M 150Mesh
Sieve Size Customized Accepted

T Toothed Disc Crusher Machine, We call it for Universal Crusher, It not only crushing kinds of grains like Corn, sorghum, wheat, bean-cake, and kinds of rice husk, etc.
It is also suitable for crushing kinds of chemical raw materials, crushing waste paper, herbal medicine, gypsum, waste fish bone, calcium metal, etc.
Model of LY-9F-320B and LY-9F-360B with cyclone,self-absorption feeder, and Fan.
Sieve range from 0.3mm to 2mm, Customized Sieve Size Accepted.

Applications and Features:

(1).Wide used for crushing kinds of grains, including corn, wheat, sorghum, bean-cake, rice husk, etc. Suitable for Processing poultry farm feeds.
(2).Crushing grains into powder, just need one time crushing, without any residue.
(3).Suitable for crushing kinds of chemical raw materials and paper waste. For example: Herbal medicine, gypsum, waste paper, fish bone, calcium metal, etc.
(4).Equipment with Features of Compact structure, sturdy and durable, Easy to install, easy to control, little vibration, etc.

(3).Vertical Feed Mixer with Crusher for Corn/Grains.

Used for mixing crushing Mixing kinds of poultry feed grains, like bean, wheat, corn, maize, etc.
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