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Silage Feed Loader,Silage Feed Grabber,Silage Feed Reclaimer for Dairy Farm
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1. Specifications of Silage Feed Reclaimer: 
Model Hopper Width Height of Taking Silage Feed Loading Height Machine Size
LY-1600-4 1600mm 4 Meters 2.9 Meters 4.9*1.75*3.1Meters
LY-1600-5 1600mm 5 Meters 3.2 Meters 5.9*1.8*3.5Meters
LY-1600-6 1600mm 6 Meters 3.2 Meters 6.2*1.8*3.7Meters
LY-1600-7 1600mm 7 Meters 3.2 Meters 6.7*1.8*3.8Meters
LY-1600-8 1600mm 8 Meters 3.2 Meters 7*1.8*3.9 Meters


2. Features of Silage Feed Reclaimer, Silage Loader, Silage Grabber:
(1). Self-propelled design to facilitate different site operation;
(2). Reduce labor cost;
(3). Power driven, greatly reducing the charging cost;
(4). Improve silage quality, prevent secondary fermentation and reduce the incidence of cows;
(5). The material efficiency is greater than 30 tons/hour, and the product is more efficient;
(6). The whole equipment frame adopts the thickening material to eliminate the work-related accidents caused by the swing of the equipment during work.

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