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Dairy Farm Mobile Tractor Trailed TMR Cattle Cow Goat Feed Mixer
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 Dairy Farm Mobile Tractor Trailed TMR Cattle Cow Goat Feed Mixer

1. Specifications of TMR Vertical Mixer with Motor Power:
Model Volume Auger Dimension Motor Power Maximum Loading
LY-TMR-V-4 4CBM 1Set 2.4*1.6*2.4M 11Kw 800Kg
LY-TMR-V-5 5CBM 1Set 2.6*1.9*2.4M 15Kw 1200kg
LY-TMR-V-7 7CBM 1Set 2.8*2*2.4M 18.5Kw 1800Kg
LY-TMR-V-9 9CBM 1Set 3*2.3*2.7M 22Kw 2300Kg
LY-TMR-V-12 12CBM 2Set 3.3*2.5*2.7M 37Kw 3200kg
LY-TMR-V-16 16CBM 2Set 5.6*2.2*2.4M 75Kw 5000Kg
LY-TMR-V-18 18CBM 2Set 6.2*2.3*2.7M 90Kw 6250Kg
LY-TMR-V-22 22CBM 2Set 7.5*2.4*2.6M 90Kw 8000Kg
LY-TMR-V-26 26CBM 3Set 7.6*2.4*2.9M 110Kw 9300Kg
LY-TMR-V-30 30CBM 3Set 7.5*2.5*2.9M 110Kw 10500Kg
LY-TMR-V-46 46CBM 4Set 9*2.5*3.2M 110kw 14000Kg

2. Specifications of TMR Vertical Mixer with Diesel Engine:
Model Volume Auger Dimension HP Height of Discharging Port One Time Mixing Volume
LY-TMR-T-6 6CBM 1Set 3.9*1.9*2.3M 81Hp 0.75Meter 1.8Ton
LY-TMR-T-8 8CBM 1Set 4.4*2.4*2.6M 108HP 0.75Meter 3Ton
LY-TMR-T-12 12CBM 2Set 4.6*2.7*2.9M 135HP 0.75Meter 4.8Ton
LY-TMR-T-15 15CBM 2Set 4.9*2.8*3.2M 163Hp 0.75Meter 6Ton
LY-TMR-T-22 22CBM 2Set 6.5*2.6*3M 183HP 0.75Meter 8Ton

3. Specifications of Horizontal TMR Mixer:
Model Machine Dimension Power Capacity Machine Weight Shaft Speed
LY-TMR2-Horizontal 2.8*1*2.1Meters 7.5Kw 500-750Kg/H 600Kg 18R/min
LY-TMR5-Horizontal 4.3*1.7*2.2Meters 15Kw 1500-2500Kg/H 2700Kg 18R/min
LY-TMR7-Horizontal 5*2.1*2.5Meters 22Kw 2500-3500Kg/H 3300Kg 18R/min
LY-TMR9-Horizontal 5.3*2.1*2.6Meters 30Kw 3500-4500Kg/H 3500Kg 18R/min
15+15Kw 4000Kg 19R/min
LY-TMR12-Horizontal 5.6*2.2*2.5Meters 22+22Kw 7000-8000Kg/H 5500Kg 19R/min
Notes(1): TMR2=2 Cubic Meter Volume, TMR5=5 Cubic Meter Volume,TMR7=7 Cubic Meter Volume,
Notes(2):TMR9=9 Cubic Meter Volume, TRM12=12 Cubic Meter Volume.
Notes(3):TMR9, 30kw with Single shaft; 15Kw+15Kw with twin shaft;
Notes(4):TMR12,22Kw+22Kw, Twin Shaft

4. Descriptions of Feed Mixer:

TMR Feed Mixer mainly used for cutting mixing Dry Hay, Agriculture Straw, silage, and other Fodders.

It could cut kinds of dry hay and agriculture straw, but don’t damage the Fiber composition. Uniformity mixing with kinds of fodder, lower labor cost, improve feed environment, increased utility rate of space, Mainly suitable for small or middle sized farm.   


5. Features of Feed Mixer:

(1).High Productivity.

(2).Mixing with settled formula, to make sure animal nutrition supplying,

(3). Used for Cattle, Sheep Farm with feed slot, can not discharging feed directly.

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