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Small Cow/Cattle/Chicken/Pig Feed Pellets Making Plant Cost Cheap Price
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Small Cow/Cattle/Chicken/Pig Feed Pellets Making Plant Cost Cheap Price

1. Specifications of Small Feed Pellets Making Plant for Cow, Cattle, Chicken, Pig Farm.
Model Working Capacity Motor Power Pellet Feed Size
9KL-120 80-120Kg/Hour 3Kw 3-6mm
9KL-200 300-400Kg/Hour 11Kw 3-8mm
9KL-260 700-1000Kg/Hour 15Kw 3-8mm
9KL-300 1200-1600Kg/Hour 22Kw 3-8mm
9KL-400 1800-2500Kg/Hour 45Kw 3-10mm

2. Descriptions of Small Feed Pellets Making Plant:
(1). Wide Applications of Small Feed Pellets Making Plant, It Could Produce Different Size Feed Pellets for Poultry Farm, like Chicken, Pig, Rabbit, etc.
Feed Pellets for Dairy Farm Animals, like: Cow, Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Horse, etc.

(2). Driving Engine for Small Feed Pellet Machine:
We have Mainly Driving Power for Pellet Feed Machine is Electric Motor Power, But some customer feedback their place lack of electric power, So we recommend them consider the Diesel Engine with Auto Starting, or Buy one set Electric Generator, Being the Driving Power.

(3). Pellets Feed Size Range for Feeding Different Animals:
Normally, 3mm Feed Pellets used for feeding Chicken Farm.
4mm or 5mm Feed Pellets used for Feeding Pig Farm.
6mm Feed Pellets Used for Feeding Cow, Cattle, Goat Farm.
Customized Smaller or Bigger Feed Pellets are Accepted.

(4). Raw Materials Used for Small Pellet Feed Machine:
Kinds of Grains, like wheat, corn, sorghum, soybean, etc.
And Biomass Waste, like Wheat Bran, Rice Husk, Straw, Stalks, Soybean Cake, Peanut Cake, etc.

(5).How to reduce the production cost and get pellets feed for Poultry Farm and Dairy Farm, etc. 
We use the Straw Biochemical Protein Feed Technology, to crushing agricultural straw/stalks waste, with fermentation, get pellet feed.
The Lignin is softened, crude protein; Crude Fiber, Crude Fat, etc. are degraded into the digestible and absorbable substances for livestock, at the same time, a large number of bacteria proteins were produced during fermentation, which became soft and ripe after fermentation, then making pellets feed which is more suitable for feeding livestock. The average level of crude protein amino acids was increased by 40.6% and 95.8%. and the level of arginine, cysteine, histamine, was also greatly increased.
And the sugar, the fat increased. And produce Vitamins of B, D, E and produce growth factors.
Then mixing with other raw materials to make pellet feed, makes the pellets feed with developmental nutrition, finally increased the intake of livestock, grow faster, reduced adding the percentage of kinds of grains. Saving production cost, and increased the famer’s income.
(Nutrition of Per Tons Fermentation Straw/Stalks Feed, Almost Equals to 270KG Grain.)

3. First Time Using the New Pellet Feed Machine in Applications:
 Lapping Steps As Following:
(1).Take 5KG Mixed Powder Raw Materials, after mixing with water, put into a basin.
(2).Adding 0.3KG vegetable oil, mixing them uniformly. Then putting some of the mixing oil materials into the feeding port of the pellet feed machine.
(3).Adjust the roller bolt, make the roller material and mold produce extrusion pressure, when get the pellets from the machine, by continue adding the oil mixed materials inside the feeding port. Continue extruding pellet feed over and over again. Until lap the Mold into bright and clean conditions.
(4). Collection the oil mixed raw materials for a certain place, for next time usage to lapping the mold with new roller and mold.

4. Formula of Making Chicken Pellets Feed for Reference:

(1). Energy Feed—Including Maize, Wheat, Sorghum, Bran, etc. with Percentage of 60-70%.
(2). Animal Protein Feed—Including Fish Powder, Bone Tankage Powder, etc. with Percentage of 5-8%.
(3).Vegetalitas Protein Feed—Including Soybean Cake, Peanut Cake, Cottonseed Cake, Rape Seed Cake, etc. with percentage of 15-20%.
(4). Mineral Feeds---Including Bone Powder, Shell Powder, Industrial Salt, etc. with Percentage of 5-8%.
(5). Additives—Including Microelement, Vitamin, Ammonia, etc.
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