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500Kg 1000Kg Small Poultry Dairy Farm Feed Pellet Production Plant Line
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500Kg 1000Kg Small Poultry Dairy Farm Feed Pellet Production Plant Line

1. Applications of Feed Pellet Production Plant Line:
(1). Used for producing Kinds of Pellet Feed with Varous size, from 2mm to 10mm.
(2). Wide applications for feeding kinds of poultry animals, dairy animals. like: chicken, chicks, pig, rabbit, cow, cattle, horse, sheep, etc.
(3). Normall, Chicken Pellet Feed with Size around 3mm, Cow Pellet Feed with Size around 6mm.
(4). Pellet Feed Production Plant Line Including Equipments: Hammer Crusher, Horizontal Mixer, Screw Elevator, Pellet Feed Equipment,
Elevator Conveyor and Pellets Cooler, and Electric Control Cabinet.

2. Production Capacity Range of the Smaller Pellet Feed Production Line:
(1). Smallest Capacity of the production line: 500Kg/Hour.
(2). More Bigger Capacity of the pellet feed produciton line: 1000Kg/Hour.
(3). Higher capacity, we don't recommend you consider the simple plant line, we recommend you consider our professional installation pellet feed production line for both poultry farm or dairy farm animals.

3. Single Unit of Pellet Feed Making Machine:

(1). If you have simple demand, just need one set machine to making pellet feed for feeding your own dairy farm or poultry farm.
Then you can consider the single unit of pellet feed extruder.
Model Working Capacity Motor Power Pellet Feed Size
9KL-120 80-120Kg/Hour 3Kw 3-6mm
9KL-200 300-400Kg/Hour 11Kw 3-8mm
9KL-260 700-1000Kg/Hour 15Kw 3-8mm
9KL-300 1200-1600Kg/Hour 22Kw 3-8mm
9KL-400 1800-2500Kg/Hour 45Kw 3-10mm

(2). The Driving Engine Could be: Electric Motor Power, Diesel Engine.
(3). Working Capacity from 100Kg per hour to 1000Kg per hour.
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