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Buy Small Size Poultry Feed Grain Corn Crushing Mill from China Suppliers
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Buy Small Size Poultry Feed Grain Corn Crushing Mill from China Suppliers
(1).Poultry Feed Grain Crushing Mill widely used for corn, maize, sorghum, soybean, wheat, rice husk, wheat husk, corncob, etc.
(2).Poultry Feed Grain Crushing Mill with cheap price, which is perfectly used for small size farm and household, with capacity range from 150kg per hour to 2800kgs per hour.
Model Capacity Power Rotation Speed Sieve Size
LY-9F-230 150-200Kg/H 3Kw- 2 Pole 6800R/M 30 mesh
LY-9F-320 450-1000Kg/H 7.5Kw-4Pole 4600R/M 50Mesh
LY-9F-320B 450-1000Kg/H 11Kw-4Pole 4600R/M 50Mesh
LY-9F-360 500-2000Kg/H 11Kw-4Pole 4200R/M 80Mesh
LY-9F-360B 500-2000Kg/H 15Kw-4Pole 4200R/M 80Mesh
LY-9F-500 1800-2800Kg/H 22Kw-4Pole 3300R/M 150Mesh
LY-9F-500B 1800-2800Kg/H 22Kw-4Pole 3300R/M 150Mesh
Sieve Size Customized Accepted
(3).Multifunction of Poultry Feed Corn Crushing Mill, it could used for crushing kinds of grains into powder for poultry farm, it also could used for milling corncob, rice husk, wheat husk, and kinds of chemical materials, herbals, Sichuan Pepper, etc.

(4).Small Size Poultry Feed Crushing Mill with Automatic Self-Absorption Feeder, which is lower your cost, saving labor cost, just need to pile the grains together, it will self-feeding for crushing materials into powder.
(5).Parts included for Poultry Feed Corn Crushing Mill: Electric Motor Power(or Diesel Engine), Crusher, Cyclone(B Type with), Self-Absorption Feeder, Two sets Sieve, etc.
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