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Automatic Chicken Feeding Line from China Factory
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Automatic Chicken Feeding Line from China Factory

1. Automatic Chicken Feeding Line Included Equipments as follows:
There are two types of automatic chicken feeding line, It could be cage free types; and it could be Layer Cage Types.
No matter which types will you choose, it will included feeding system, and drinking system, The following system is used for cage free types.
If it is layer cage types, it should be included layer cages, automatic dung cleaning system, automatic egg collection system, etc.

Equipments as follows for Cage Free Chicken Farm.
(1). Feeding System
(2). Drinking System
(3). Ventilation System
(4). Environment Coltrol
(5). Cooling Pad
(6). Spaying System
(7). Curtain System
(8). Auto Heating System (Optional)

2. Pictures Show Different Equipments of Automatic Chicken Feeding Line:
(1). Automatic Chicken Feeding System~Feeding Hopper with automatic discharging device, to discharge chicken feed automatically according to chicken feed tube.

(2). Layer Cages~it could be A types, or H types. How many layers do you need, according to your farm size. Customized Accepted.

(3). Automatic Dung Cleaning System~Auto dung Belt conveyor cleaning system, saving labor cost.

(4). Automatic Egg Collection System~egg collection system with high efficiency, lower eggs broken percentage.

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