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Automatic Egg Collection System for Chicken Farm
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Automatic Egg Collection System for Chicken Farm

1. Descriptions of Automatic Egg Collection System:
(1). Labor Saving, Saving time.
(2). Low egg breaking rate, lower than 3%.
(3). Suitable for both A type and H Type Layer Cage.
(4). Belt Conveyor for eggs, made of Polypropylene yarn with durable service life, with features of corrosion-resistant and anti-bacterial.
(5). Eggs Belt Conveyor, could be cleaned by water directly.
(6). Eggs Belt with width 10cm, drive by worm-gear speed reducer, which keeps the belt running smoothly at a speed of 2cm per second.
(7). Egg Clips is elastic and flexible, 275mm in length.
(8). Each Clip has 11 hooks, width of each hook is 9mm, gap between two hooks is 17mm, which is guarantee the stable of eggs durning collectioin period.
(9). Distance between two rows is 88mm, that is to make sure the safety of eggs during collection.

2. Pictures of Egg Collection System:

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