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Chicken Pellet Feed Making Machine from China Supplier
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Chicken Pellet Feed Making Machine from China Supplier

1. Specifications of Chicken Pellet Feed Making Machine:
Model Working Capacity Motor Power Pellet Feed Size
9KL-120 80-120Kg/Hour 3Kw 3-6mm
9KL-200 300-400Kg/Hour 11Kw 3-8mm
9KL-260 700-1000Kg/Hour 15Kw 3-8mm
9KL-300 1200-1600Kg/Hour 22Kw 3-8mm
9KL-400 1800-2500Kg/Hour 45Kw 3-10mm

2. Descriptions of Chicken Pellet Feed Making Machine:

(1).)Our Pellet Feed Making Machine can produce animal feedstuff pellet for animal/poultry like chicken, pig, cattle, sheep for They are widely used in feed factories, breed aquatics factories, organic fertilizer factories
(2).Raw material: rice husk, straw, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds, crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially low-bonding and unformed materials. 
(3).)Moisture of raw materials is less than the national standard of 13%. If not, the raw material must be dried. The size of raw materials should be no more than 5mm, if not; the raw material must be crushed.

3. Frequently Asked about Pellet Feed Making Machine:
(1). Driving Engine for Pellet Feed Making Machine?
It could drive with Diesel Engine, Gasoline Engine, PTO, and Electric Motor Power.
(2). Types of Pellet Feed Making Machine?
We have Flat Die Pellet Making machine for Poultry, Animal and Ring Die Pellet Making Machine.
Except Pellet Feed Making Machine, We also offer Puffing Extruder for Making Pellet Feed for Fish, Cat, Dog, etc.
(3). Package?
International Package Standard with Wooden Package, Safety with long distance transportation.
(4). Warranty?
1 year time Warranty, with Durable service life.
(5). Applications?
Widely used for making pellet feed for chicken, pig, cattle, goat, duck ,fish, PET, etc.
With raw materials of kinds of grains power, soybean cake, biomass waste, straw, peanut shell, corncob, etc.
(6). Shipping Period?
Normally after get your order, within 2 weeks, the machine will be ready for shipment.
(7). Trustable Supplier?
Yes, We are SGS Certificated Company, Qualified equipment, Prompt and Professional Service, etc.
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