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Dairy Farm Pellet Feed making Machine,How to Make Cattle Cow Feed Pellets
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Dairy Farm Pellet Feed making Machine,How to Make Cattle Cow Feed Pellets
1. Pellet Feed Making Machine, How to Make Cattle or Cow Feed Pellets for Dairy Farm:
(1). Firstly, Crushing kinds of Grains, Soybean Cake, Biomass Waste, Rice Husk, etc. into Powder.
(2). Secondly, Mixing them together, or mixing some of them, and then put into the Hopper of Pellet Feed Making Machine, Then Perfect Pellets Feed will be get, used for feeding your Dairy Farm Animals, or Poultry, etc.
(3). Pellets Feed Size Adjustable or Selectable?
Yes, it is. the length of pellets feed are adjustable. and the diameter size optional, from 2mm to 6mm, 8mm, etc.
(3). Normally, 2mm Pellets feed used for feeding rabbits; 3mm pellets feed used for feeding chicken, 4mm pellets feed used for feeding pig, and 5mm or 6mm, used for feeding dairy farm animals. like cow, cattle, etc.

2. Types of Pellet Feed Making Machine:
(1). Flat Die Type with Working Capacity from 80Kg/Hour to 2500Kg/Hour.
Advantages: Cheap Price, Durable Quality, Small Size, Occupying small space, easy to maintain.
Model Working Capacity Motor Power Pellet Feed Size
9KL-120 80-120Kg/Hour 3Kw 3-6mm
9KL-200 300-400Kg/Hour 11Kw 3-8mm
9KL-260 700-1000Kg/Hour 15Kw 3-8mm
9KL-300 1200-1600Kg/Hour 22Kw 3-8mm
9KL-400 1800-2500Kg/Hour 45Kw 3-10mm

(2). Ring Die Type with Working Capacity from 1Ton Per Hour to 10Tons/Hour.

Model Motor Power Capacity
HJK250 22Kw+2.2Kw+0.75Kw 1Ton/Hour
HJK320 37Kw+2.2Kw+0.75Kw 2-3Ton/Hour
HJK350 55Kw+2.2Kw+0.75Kw 5-6Ton/Hour
HJK420 110Kw++2.2Kw+0.75Kw 8-10Ton/Hour

3.Driving Engine Available:
(1). Driving Engine: Electric Motor Power, Diesel Engine, PTO.
(2). Customzied Fixed time or Pellet Feed Making Machine with Wheels, are Accepted.

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