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Vertical Horizontal Stainless Steel Milk Tank from China Supplier
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Vertical Horizontal Stainless Steel Milk Tank from China Supplier

1. Specifications of Horizontal Direct Cooling Milk Tank:
Model Volume Refrigerating Capacity Agitating Speed Motor Power Dimension
LY-F-0.5 500L 3500W 36(24)R/Min 1.5Kw 2.2*1.35*1.15
LY-F-1 1000L 6900W 36(24)R/Min 3.0Kw 2.75*1.15*1.5
LY-F-2 2000L 13000W 36(24)R/Min 5Kw 3.2*1.5*1.6
LY-F-3 3000 L 17800W 36(24)R/Min 6.5Kw 3.5*1.65*1.7
LY-F-5 5000L 34000W 36(24)R/Min 13Kw 4*1.95*2.1
LY-F-6 6000 L 34000W 36(24)R/Min 13Kw 4.2*2.2*2.1
LY-F-8 8000 L 42000W 36(24)R/Min 18Kw 4.8*2.4*2.4
LY-F-10 10000 L 65000W 36(24)R/Min 24Kw 5*2.6*2.5

2. Description of Horizontal Direct Cooling Milk Tank:
(1).The integral type cooling milk tank mainly used for keeping milk fresh, cooling and storage milk, juice, etc. liquid materials.
(2).The Refrigerating tank is mainly composed of tank body, blender, refrigerating and electric controller, etc.
(3).The Storage Tank Body made of 304 Stainless Steel with highly precise polishing treatment, so that which is easy to clean, and with corrosion resistant performance.
(4).The heat preservation layer of the tank is filled by hard foam plastic of low heat-conducting coefficient and light weight to achieve a good heat preservation performance.

3. Specification of Warm-Keeping Milk Tank:
Model Volume Diameter Total Height Diameter of Inlet and Outlet
LY-BVN-600 600L 1000mm 2140 mm 38 mm
LY-BVN-1 1000L 1150 mm 2380 mm 38 mm
LY-BVN-1.5 1500L 1280 mm 2550 mm 38 mm
LY-BVN-2 2000L 1440 mm 2760 mm 51 mm
LY-BVN-2.5 2500L 1520 mm 2940 mm 51 mm
LY-BVN-3 3000L 1640 mm 3050 mm 51 mm
LY-BVN-3.5 3500L 1700 mm 3180 mm 51 mm
LY-BVN-4 4000L 1750 mm 3200 mm 51 mm
LY-BVN-5 5000L 1880 mm 3250 mm 51 mm
LY-BVN-8 8000L 2200 mm 3900 mm 51 mm
LY-BVN-10 10000L 2400 mm 4050 mm 65 mm
LY-BVN-15 15000L 2750 mm 4450 mm 65mm
4. Descriptions of Warm-Keep Milk Tank:
 (1).Used for raw milk tank, processing milk tank, material mixing tank(non-heating), temporary storage tank, waiting for filling tank, etc.
(2).Mainly used for dairy field, juice, beverage, medicine, chemical, bioengineering project, etc.
(3).Made of Good Quality Stainless Steel, with Heat Preservation Material.
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