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Automatic Ensilage Feed Baler Machine with Diesel Engine or Electric Motor Power
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1. Applications of Automatic Ensilage Feed Baler Machine:
The Machine widely used for kinds of silage feed in Dairy Farm. It could work with Green Silage Feed or Dry Silage Feed.
Suitable for materials like rice straw, corn stalks, wheat straw, grass, dry hay, etc. firstly need to crushing such agriculture waste or biomass waste into small sized silage feed.
Driving engine for Automatic Ensilage Feed Baler Machine:  Working with Diesen Engine or Electric Motor Power.

2. Advantages of Automatic Ensilage Feed Baler Machine:
(1). Bailing Kinds of Silage Feed into Baler which is easy for long time storge, protect silage feed from sunshine, rains, etc.
Storage 2-3 years even you put baler silage feed in the open air.
(2). mproved the quality of silage feed, protect them from secondary pollution. 
(3). Also makes good for second time fermentation,  Improving the silage feed nutrition value.
(4). No more wasting, during delivery from different farms, there is no second time pollution, and no more wasting.
(5). Occupying small space, and make sure your animals silage feed even durning winter or severe weather.

3. Specifications of Automatic Ensilage Feed Baler Machine:
(1). Motor Power: 5.5Kw+0.55Kw; or 7.5Kw+0.55Kw
(2). Pressure for Green Silage: 70-80Kg
(3). Baler Size: Φ550*520mm
(4). Baler Weight: 35-85Kg
(5). Production: 45-65Baler/Hour

4. Accessories for Automatic Ensilage Feed Baler Machine:
(1). Utility cart
(2). Silage Package Film
(3). Hemp Rope
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