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How to Make Silage Feed for Dairy Farm
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Silage Feed for Dairy Farm doesn't always means sun dried hay or grass. Silage is also made as a chopped, fermented silage feed from agriculture waste like corn stalks, barley straw, sorghum stalks, rice straw, etc.

How to make silage feed for dairy farm, normally there are steps as follows:
(1).Making Silage Feed Timely.
Timing is crucial to get the silage feed at the right stage, after agriculture get the harvest, need to making the silage feed as soon as possible, in order to avoid losses with spoilage.

(2).Finding a good space for keeping silage feed.
You need a site for storing silage, where you can create a silage pile with well-drained and easily to get the silage when you need to feed at your dairy farm.
You need a big hole or building three side wall, used for pile the silage feed.

(3).Cutting Large Sized Silage Feed into Small Pieces, or Cutted it into chops.
Using LY-9Z or LY-9RSZ Series Silage feed Cutter Crusher, Processing Agriculture Waste Silage into small pieces, which is easy for feeding and easy to digest for Cow, Cattle or Goat.

(4).Pack the Silage Feed Well, and then use Plastic to cover the silage pile.
Using Proper plastic for covering the piled silage feed, more heavier of the plastic, more effeceive to keep oxygen out of the pile and reducing wastage with spoiling.
the proper plastic should with thickness of 6-10 milliliters, with polyethylene plastic, both side with black color or one side white, another side black color. Both side black color will be cheaper than one side white, another side black. better choose black white color plastic. (White side facing out, black side against the silage feed, because of white side reflects sunlight and reduce heating from the sun, and the black side keeps heat inside).
Make sure the piled silage all covered by plastic, after that take some heavy materials above the plastic, avoid of damage the plastic.or opened by wind.

(5).Fermentation Experiod
feeding at least after 10 days or 2 weeks.

(6).After Fermentation, How can you get the silage feed easily.
Using our Equipment of Silage Feed Catcher, getting what you need for feeding everyday, avoid for second time pollution, and fresh for cow to eat, easy to digest.
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