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Dairy Farm Cattle/Cow/Goat Silage Cutting Crushing Machine from China
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Dairy Farm Cattle/Cow/Goat Silage Cutting Crushing Machine from China

1. Specifications of Silage Cutting Machine:
Model Motor Power Diesel
Capacity  Final Cut
Fodder Size
 Machine Size  Packing Size Machine Weight
LY-9Z-10A 15Kw ≥25HP 3-20T/H 12mm,18mm,
2.62*2.14*4.11Meter 2.62*1.72*1.85M 830Kg
LY-9Z-6.5A 7.5 Kw 15-20 HP 2.5-15T/H 12mm,18mm,
2.147*1.6*2.756Meter 0.755*1.393*1.585M 420Kg
LY-9Z-4.5A 5.5 Kw 12-15 HP 2-8/H 17mm,22mm
1.737*1.575*2.315 Meter 0.63*1.01*2.32M 300Kg
LY-9Z-3A 4 Kw 8-12 HP 1-4T/H 15mm, 35mm 1.23*1.15*1.695 Meter 0.51*1*1.1M 150Kg
LY-9Z-2A 3-4 Kw w 8-12 HP 1-3T/H 6-12mm 0.87*0.9*1.5 Meter 0.9*0.5*1M 120Kg
LY-9Z-1.0 2.2-4 Kw / 1-1.5T/H 12mm,35mm 0.95*0.95*1.4 Meter 1*0.5*1M 90Kg
LY-9Z-0.4 2.2 Kw / 0.4T/H 12mm,16mm 0.953*0.35*0.8 Meter 0.6*0.31*0.3M 55Kg

2. Specifications of Silage Crushing Machine:
Model Motor Power QTY of Blade Width of Feed Port Fodder Discharge Distance Capacity Machine Size Machine Weight
LY-9RSZ-4 7.5Kw 32Pcs 240mm ≥2300mm 4T/H 2*0.75*0.8Meter 300Kg
LY-9RSZ-6 11+2.2Kw 40Pcs 300mm ≥2300mm 6T/H 3*0.9*1.05 Meter 980Kg
LY-9RSZ-10 22+3Kw 48Pcs 500mm ≥2300mm 10T/H 3.6*0.93*1.24 Meter 1100Kg
LY-9RSZ-15 30+5.5kw 64Pcs 800mm ≥2300mm 15T/H 4.2*1.17*1.25 Meter 1400Kg

3. Applications:
(1).Used for Cow Farming or Sheep Farming.
(2).Cutting Agriculture Waste, Silage, Dry Hay into fodder directly.
(3).Suitable for Materials like: corn straw, wheat straw, wheat straw, green grass, dry hay and others all kinds of agriculture straws, etc.
4. Descriptions:
(1).Steel Structure, Small space to occupying, easy to remove.
(2).Safety Design, Machine with automatic feeding device, to saving labor cost.
(3).Feeding smoothly, without stuck, High capacity efficiency.
(4).Drive engine could be diesel engine ,PTO, Tractor, or motor power.
(5).Cutting blade adopted double thicken steel, molding shape, durable service.

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