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TMR Vertical Poultry Cattle Fodder Cutting Mixing Equipment
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TMR Vertical Poultry Cattle Fodder Cutting Mixing Equipment

1. Specification of Poultry Cattle Fodder Cutting Mixing Equipment:
Specifications of TMR Fodder Mixing Cutting Equipment
Volume 4CBM(Customized Accepted; from 4CBM to 20CBM)
HP Power 40HP (Tractor)
Auto Weighting
weighting error less than 1%
Discharge Speed 550-720RPM/Minute
Cutting Time 10-15Minutes
Blade QTY 9Pcs
Thickness of Steel 6mm
Thickness of Base Plate 20mm
Vane Thickness 12mm
Dimension 4100mm*2000mm*2450mm

2. Applications of
Poultry Cattle Fodder Cutting Mixing Equipment:
There are many types of TMR Fodder Mixing Equipment for Cattle Farm and Sheep
Farm. Normally they are: Horizontal types, Vertical Types, self-propelled, Trail-type,
and Fixed Types.
In the market, vertical types fodder mixing machine are more welcome for end users,
Advantages of vertical types mixing machine as follows:
(1).Dry Hay Bale or Long Size Bale no need other steps for processing, you will get
final fodder with just one set mixing machine.
(2).Same Working Volume, Vertical is more economical compare with
other types, lower working motor power.
(3).Easy to clean after mixing.
(4).Durable service life.
(5).Suitable for materials like: kinds of dry hay, agriculture straws, silage, Grass, etc.

3. Features of
Poultry Cattle Fodder Cutting Mixing Equipment:
(1).Using High Strength Manganese Steel, To Promise Strength of Mixing Hopper, and Increased the durable service life.
(2).Adopted Imported Reduction Drive, connect with Auger via flange. No need of lubricating oil. Reduced breakdown times and increased service life.       
(3).High Strength Cutting Blade. Two more adjustable cutting blade, to make sure the final cut fodder size between 5cm and 10cm.
(4). Independent hydraumatic Lifting discharge door, Easy to control discharging volume.
(5). High sensitivity of weighing sensor, High accuracy of measuring, The minimum measurement is 1 kg, weighting error less than 1%.
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