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Tractor Mounted PTO Silage Chaff Cutter from China Supplier
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Tractor Mounted PTO Silage Chaff Cutter from China Supplier

1. Descriptions of Silage Chaff Cutter:
(1). Silage Chaff Cutter Used for Dairy Farm, For Cutting Kinds of Corn Stalks, Rice Straw, Wheat Straw, Green Grass, Dry Grass, Dry Hay, Agricultural Plant, Green Tree Branches, etc. Cutting Above Mensioned Materials into Small Pieces. Cutting Size Range from 1cm to 6cm. Adjustable Silage Feed for Feeding Different Dairy Farm Animals.
(2). For Feeding Dairy Farm Cow Animals, Cattle Animals, Sheep Animals, Horse Animals, etc.
(3). Available Drving Engines: Tractor, Diesel Engine, Electric Motor Power, Gasoline Engine. 

2. Advantages of Silage Chaff Cutter:

(1). Smaller Cutting Silage Size from 1CM to 6CM. Size Adjustable Freely Controller.
(2). Wide Applications of Silage Chaff Cutter, for Various Dairy Farm Animals.
(3). Durable Service Life, with Service Life Span more than Several years,at Least 8years.  One Set Silage Chaff Cutter is Enough for your Dairy Farm. for Making Silage Forage Feed.

3. About our Factory:
(1). We are Focused on Production of Dairy Farm Feed Processing Equipment. 
(2). Good Quality Dairy Farm Silage Feed Processing Equipment with Durable Service Life, And Obtain Famous Reputation with Good Feedback from our Customer about the Good Quality Level.
(3). Wide Applications with Perfect Solution offered to our Customer's Dairy Farm. 
Any Demand or Doubts about our Silage Chaff Cutter, Please contact with us by Email: SALES01@LYNNE-MACHINE.COM.
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